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About Us

Fairview Gardens was originally designed as a romantic getaway for its octogenarian owner and his septuagenarian sweetheart who have produced some of the world’s finest coffees for over four decades. And now this hidden treasure has been opened up to the public to enjoy its beautifully manicured gardens during significant occasions such as weddings or large corporate events.

Why we stand out

  • The central feature of Fairview Gardens is its man-built fresh water dam that is populated with tilapia and that forms a spectacular backdrop to any event hosted at this venue.
  • The surrounding coffee provides a changing canvass with seasonality and the trees changing colors from speckled white during the flowering period, mellow greens as the coffee beans mature, and a dashing bold red during the harvest season.
  • For birdwatchers, many memorable moments can be enjoyed and for those who desire photographic shoots, bookings can be made at good value rates to shoot photos by the Riara Falls or the magnificent scenic backdrops that Fairview Estate offers.

Cottage Bridal Gardens

  • Complementary to Fairview Gardens is its small “sister” locale known as the “Cottage Bridal Gardens”. Reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, quite a few lasses have entered into holy matrimony under the witnessing presence of a 500 year plus Mugumo tree famed in the Kikuyu traditional culture. The Bridal Gardens include a lovely farm cottage where both bride and groom can prepare prior to celebrating one of the most important days in their lives.
  • The Bridal Gardens can potentially hold 80-100 people and is ideal for small functions.  It can be rented on its own or in conjunction with the larger Fairview Gardens, as often happens, for weddings.

Mzima House

Fairview Gardens is currently working in partnership with its sister company Mzima House, Diani, and offers an attractive Honeymoon Package for a truly memorable wedding. For all our venue clients we offer complementary discounts on the facility for a memorable honeymoon package. Visit the website here: and get blown away!

Our Clients

Breath Taking Moments with Our Clients

Our Team

Ambassador & Mrs Kibinge

Ambassador & Mrs Kibinge

Founders & Directors

Mr and Mrs Kibinge

The owners of Fairview Estate and Directors of Fairview Gardens – Ambassador and Mrs Kibinge – were the pioneers of growing and exporting commercial greenhouse roses in Kenya from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s.  For over thirty years the couple, who are passionate gardeners, have meticulously designed and created the beautiful gardens, overseeing the planting and tending of literally hundreds of flower varieties, shrubs and trees that are spread across the vast gardens.

In 2015 Ambassador and Mrs Kibinge celebrated their Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary at Fairview Gardens, a beautiful and truly memorable occasion where they renewed their vows surrounded by family and friends. It is their hope and trust that those who pronounce their marital vows at Fairview Estate will enjoy strong and happy marriages that endure the tests of time.

Judy Kibinge

Judy Kibinge


Judy Kibinge

When Judy Kibinge and Josh Mwamunga decided to get married in October 2010, the venue was never in doubt:  Fairview Estate.  After taking their vows under the shade of the ancient Mugumo tree, the couple took a tractor ride through the coffee plantation to join their guests by the Fairview Gardens for a simple but unforgettable farm-themed celebration.  Since then the private Gardens have been opened up to the public for weddings and other special celebrations.

The stunning beauty of Fairview Gardens in the midst of a Coffee Estate has become the first choice of discerning Bridal couples who wish to start the covenant of marriage at a venue many have described as the “Garden of Eden”.

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